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Zap!™ Restorer Set

INTRODUCING ZAP!® ... the professional strength restorer that makes ­household surfaces look brand-new! Regular cleaners only remove top level dirt and grime, but Zap! penetrates and dissolves stains on contact. Just apply and wipe to restore in no time. Specially formulated for porcelain,…


Zapp Light™

…“curtains” to disease-carrying mosquitoes and other flying pests! Mercury-free indoor/outdoor LED light bulb first lures and then zaps unwanted, potentially harmful insects. The blue UV light is irresistible to bugs and delivers maximum attraction, using only 9W of energy! Provides…


Bug Zapper

SAY GOODBYE TO GNATS, MOSQUITOES & OTHER FLYING INSECTS! Racket-shaped, electronic bug zapper offers fast, effective pest control instantly. Just swing, hold down button and—ZAP!—annoying bugs are gone. A small visible flash indicates when contact has been made. Perfect while…


Mosquito Trap

…attractant and blue LED light. A high-powered vacuum fan then draws insects into an easy-to-clean collection chamber. No chemicals, no noisy “zapping”! Protects up to a 1/2-acre area. Has on/off switch and carry handle. Includes AC adapter with 4 ft. long cord. 7-1/4" x 7-1/4"…

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