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Unique drawing tool is a fun way to develop children's artistic talent! It reflects any printed picture (from a magazine, book, etc.) onto a blank sheet, allowing child to trace the outline. Develops eye/hand coordination and is more challenging than simple coloring! In addition to reflector,…


Sure-Grip Tool Holder

Keeps brooms, mops, rakes, baseball bats, tennis rackets (and anything else you can think of!) safely in place and off the floor! Rolling cylinders automatically adjust to each handle's thickness to grip securely. Great for utility rooms, laundry, garden shed, classroom. Wall mount with included…


Five Second Fix™

5 SECOND FIX™ lets you fix, fill and seal virtually anything! Liquid-plastic welding tool can be used on almost any surface for a durable, permanent bond. The special formula instantly cures in seconds when activated by the included UV light; dries clear. Leaky pipes, broken toys or…


Mesh Door

INSTANT SCREEN DOOR lets fresh air in; keeps bugs out! Attaches to any entrance in seconds without tools to provide an ultra-convenient, hands-free screen door. Opens easily when you walk through; closes automatically thanks to 18 powerful built-in magnets. Ideal for single doors, sliding doors,…


Hair Dryer Holder

Hair Dryer Holder is the perfect way to free up space on your vanity and inside cabinets. No tools or hardware are needed with this space saver! Just slide it over your cabinet door; the padded brackets help prevent scratches. Accommodates a variety of hair dryer shapes and styles with its…


Arcade Basketball Set

…Portable, arcade-style basketball game sets up in minutes so you can work on your free throws and jump shots anytime you want—indoors or out. No tools needed! Backboard, rim and net attach to a sturdy frame that features a webbed basket to catch your shots. Set also includes a mini-basketball…


Vehicle Pet Safety Net

…front and rear seats for an instant “wall” that prevents pets from jumping up front and interfering with your driving. Mesh fabric lets pet see out. Attaches to seats with included stretch cords—no tools needed! Fits most cars, SUVs and minivans. 47-3/4" x 25-1/4".


Multi-Use Tool

9-in-1 Multi-Use Tool practically replaces your toolbox! Get nine essential hand tools in one versatile utensil: hammer, nail puller, pliers, wire cutters, staple puller, pincers and 3 types of wrench. Perfect for all kinds of construction and repair jobs around your home. Made of tough carbon steel…

Sale: $9.99

Tool Kit

31-piece tool set tackles all types of fix-it jobs, repairs and emergencies! Set includes one 4.5" long nose pliers, a 3-ft. tape measure, 7-pc. hex key set (1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6mm), ten 25mm screwdriver bits with holder (2 Phillips, 2 Pozi, 3 slotted, 2 stars, 1 adapter), four 1/4 sockets…


Kooty Key

Kooty Key™ is the hands-free, germ-free utility tool that solves the “ick” problem! Use the hook on one end for opening doors, flushing toilets and grabbing handles. The rubber tip end is perfect for pressing buttons on ATM and vending machines, gas station keypads, water fountains…


All-in-1 Pliers

ALL-IN-1 PLIERS PRACTICALLY REPLACES YOUR TOOLBOX! Don’t lug around more tools than you need—this hard-working yet compact device can handle everything from opening bottles to stripping wires! Handy tool functions as pliers, wrench, wire cut­ter/twister/stripper/puller, bottle/jar…

Sale: $16.99

Flex Seal™

…super-strong, flexible, rubberized coating that forms a watertight seal. Works in extreme heat or cold and lasts for years. Prevents rust and corrosion, and is paintable, too. Great for tools, sports gear, RVs, roofs, gutters, basements, pools and more. UV, mildew and chemical resistant. 16 oz. can.

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