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Left-Handers Tees - Sweatshirts - Hoodies

Left-Hander's Tee boosts the image of those much-maligned "southpaws"! Here's their chance to set the record straight once and for all. 100% cotton tee and poly/cotton sweatshirts and hoodies. Imported."My 21-y/o left-handed grandson was thrilled! And he does agree that…

$14.98 to $19.98

Trucker Tee

TRUCKER TEE honors the movers and shakers who rule America's highways! A great gift for the road warrior on your list, colorful t-shirt is made of a cotton-poly blend. Machine washable. Imported.

$14.98 to $17.98

Branch Manager Tee

“ASSISTANT BRANCH MANAGER” TEE for the dog owner whose best friend won't fetch coffee...but always fetches a stick! Amusing tee features a canine “executive” eager to get to work. 100% cotton. Machine washable. Imported.


Cat or Dog Tee

CAT & DOG TEES let the world know exactly who the most important member of your family really is! Proclaim your pet appreciation with one of these great-looking, 100% cotton t-shirts. Please specify size: S, M, L, or XL. Machine washable. Imported.

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