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Sink Strainer

Universal sink strainer helps prevent clogged sinks and costly repairs! Use this woven stainless steel mesh strainer in kitchen or utility sinks to keep even the smallest food particles and other debris from going down the drain and creating blockages. Simply position over sink drain opening, and…


Universal Can Strainer

UNIVERSAL CAN STRAINER lets you drain excess water and juice from canned goods without spilling the contents. No more mess or food accidentally going down the drain while straining! The universal design easily fits most sizes of can openings while the long handle keeps your hands away from the…


Oil Strainer Pot

Stainless steel oil strainer pot removes impurities and stores oils and fats. Has removable mesh filter for straining fat and airtight lid for storing in refrigerator or pantry. Pot has handle and spout for convenient reheating and pouring. Heavy duty stainless steel. Holds 36 ounces."I bought…

Sale: $12.85

Three-in-One Funnel

…this versatile set that includes small, medium and large capacity sizes. Small is ideal for filling narrow bottles and cruets, medium for filling salt and pepper mills, and large for home-canning projects or making preserves. Canning funnel has a removable strainer. All nest for compact storage.

Sale: $4.98
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