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Anti-Snore Chin Strap

…relaxing and causing snoring. Fits snugly yet com­fortably; you won’t even know it’s there! Durable neoprene and polyester is machine washable. Order by weight."I love how my chim strap helps me with my CPap machine . It sure helps with Keeping you from snoring . I use it every…



Help ease snoring, sleep apnea, allergy & breathing problems! Comfortable silicone mouth­piece is worn while you sleep to help open up your nasal passages and airways for all-night relief. Material FDA-cleared, drug-free remedy works for as long as you wear it. Includes one reusable…


Snore Stopper

Resort to the Snore Stopper for relief, when his snorts and snoring have driven you to your wits end. Just prod him with the foam fist to encourage a stop to his nocturnal sawing. With the snore stopper at your side, at least you will laugh about his nighttime sound effects. Sweet dreams! 16”…


CPAP Chin Strap

…disorders. Adjustable strap fits snugly yet comfortably against skin. Works with any CPAP mask (not incl.). Max. circumference: 31½."Prior to using the chin strap, I woke up every morning with dry mouth and my wife complained of snoring. All is well now." -Customer in California

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