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Shirt-Style Dickey

…jackets, even sweatshirts. Three-button dickey with notched collar is machine washable poly/cotton. Imported. One size fits all."This little shirt dickey is awesome under sweaters and very inexpensive. Gives sweaters that little extra dressy up feeling. Makes you feel great too." -Customer…

Sale: $7.85

Fart Loading Tee

HOLD ON ... HERE IT COMES! FART LOADING TEE gives everyone around you plenty of warning! Wanna have a blast at your next party or get-together? You'll download lots of laughs (and a few “pee-yews”) with this comical t-shirt. Made of 100% preshrunk cotton. Machine washable. Imported.

Sale: $11.49

Garment Bags

Extend the life of your wardrobe; keep it dust-free, too! Set of 13 zippered garment bags helps keep out-of-season clothes free from wrinkles, dust, dirt and pests—so they look great year after year. The clear-view design lets you see what’s stored inside. Comes with 8 suit/shirt bags…


Turtleneck Dickey Set

…to the extra bulk! Your neck and chest will stay toasty all day when you wear this must-have garment under any sweater, blouse or open collar shirt. The set includes a white, black, red and tan dickey. 100% acrylic. Machine washable. One-size fits most."Warm and cozy. Great range of colors…

Sale: $17.99

Mother Comes Out Tee

“Mother comes out” tee for the gal who finds herself to be, like it or not, a real chip off the old block! If you sound more like your mother with each passing day, you’ll appreciate this witty tee. Made of 100% cotton. Machine washable.


Rolling Pants Trolley

…Thanks to this product, I don't have to stuff my slacks into a small closet using clumpy pant hangers. It leaves more room for blouses and shirts to hang wrinkle free (not smooshed). Now all my slacks are together and I roll the trolly out of the closet and quickly choose a pair. Love it!"…

$4.98 to $34.98
Sale: $4.98 to $19.98

Left-Handers Tees - Sweatshirts - Hoodies

Left-Hander's Tee boosts the image of those much-maligned "southpaws"! Here's their chance to set the record straight once and for all. 100% cotton tee and poly/cotton sweatshirts and hoodies. Imported."My 21-y/o left-handed grandson was thrilled! And he does agree that…

$14.98 to $19.98

Fix-It Tee

…list? Or a guy (or gal) who never calls a contractor or service person? They’ll love this great-looking, 100% cotton t-shirt. Machine washable. Imported."The Tee was bought as a Valentine Gift for a special friend. It worked out perfect, he loves the shirt." -Customer in Tennessee


People Tee

“People Person” tee will appeal to all those fed up with fools! Had it up to here with everybody? Proudly proclaim your disdain for dopes and dummies with this 100% cotton t-shirt. Machine washable. Imported.

$12.98 to $14.98

She Who Kneels Before God Tee

She who kneels before god tee—for the woman of faith who never walks or stands alone! Inspira­tional t-shirt in eye-catching jade green is made of 100% cotton. Machine washable. Imported.


Exercise/Fries Tee

Exercise/fries tee for the person who prefers eating out to working out! Fast-food lovers and the exercise-phobic will all get a chuckle out of this t-shirt. It’s fast-food fashion at its finest! 100% cotton tee is machine washable.

$14.98 to $15.98

Rescue Tee

RESCUE TEE is a must for anyone who has saved a pet. If you have welcomed an abandoned or abused pet into your home, you know the love that these rescued dogs and cats can provide. 100% cotton shirt is machine washable. Imported.

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