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Praying With Finger Book

"PRAYING WITH MY FINGERS" is a powerful way to introduce children to prayer. Combining gentle rhymes and charming illustrations, this method uses the fingers of the hand as a memory aid to help young ones learn to pray for family, friends, community and our world. For ages 1-5.…


Praying Bears

Praying teddy is a cuddly bedside companion who recites the Lord’s Prayer whenever you press his tummy. Plush bear kneels with “hands” folded, ready for prayers and bedtime in his striped “one-sie” and stocking cap. He’ll comfort little ones before and after the…


RFID Sleeves

…money clip for instant protection. 3-1/2" W x 2-1/4" H each."I have been greatly concerned about identity theft. This sleeve was like an answer to my prayers. Now, I am less concerned and have been more relaxed about identity theft, but still vigilant." -Customer in Pennsylvania


Palm Cross

PALM CROSS puts the power of prayer in the palm of your hand. Always find the inspiration you need with this beautiful symbol of faith. Tuck it in your pocket or purse; hold it in the palm of your hand when offering a prayer. Pewter-finish cross has a hole inside where you can tuck a small piece of…

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