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Personalized Remembrance Cross

Personalized Remembrance Cross can be placed by a roadside or in a garden as a special memorial. Sculpted cross with embossed saying, “Forever In Our Hearts”, expresses enduring love for someone now departed. Stone-like resin will withstand outdoor conditions. Comes personalized with…


Palm Cross

PALM CROSS puts the power of prayer in the palm of your hand. Always find the inspiration you need with this beautiful symbol of faith. Tuck it in your pocket or purse; hold it in the palm of your hand when offering a prayer. Pewter-finish cross has a hole inside where you can tuck a small piece of…


Strap Perfect®

STRAP PERFECT® PUTS AN END TO THOSE FALLING BRA STRAPS! Comfortable, easy-to-attach clips conceal wayward bra straps, and fit invisibly under tank tops, sleeveless dresses, sports tops or formal wear. Why buy expensive undergarments in various colors and with fancy criss-cross straps, when this…

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