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Flippin Fantastic™

FLIPPIN' FANTASTIC™ makes perfectly-shaped pancakes every time! Just place the special non-stick, silicone insert in your pan, pour batter in the rings, brown, then lift and flip. You’ll have a stack of evenly-cooked, ready-to-serve flapjacks — no mess, and no spatula needed!…


Batter Dispenser

…LADLES AND PITCHERS! BATTER DISPENSER neatly measures and pours the perfect amount without drips or splatters. Just squeeze the handle to dispense pancake or cake batter and evenly fill pans and baking tins. Great for making muffins, cupcakes and other baked goods, too. See-thru plastic dispenser…


Eggo™ Syrup Server

Enjoy your morning breakfast the scrumptious way with the Eggo™ Syrup Server! What’s not to love about warm, melted syrup on pancakes and waffles? Warm up just the perfect amount, pour on top and enjoy! Holds up to 8 oz (4 servings). Made of BPA-free plastic. Microwave and top-rack…

Sale: $3.99
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