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Tag Away™

TAG AWAY™ REMOVES UNSIGHTLY SKIN TAGS WITHOUT PAIN OR SCARRING. All-natural topical formula is made of pure essential oils that safely treat these harmless skin overgrowths. In as little as 3 to 8 weeks, skin tags simply flake and fall away. Homeopathic solution works on all skin types. 15 ml.…


Fibro Flex™

…FIBRO­MYALGIA SPRAY gently relieves chronic muscle pain and tenderness so you can stay active. Don't let fibro­myalgia pain keep you from enjoying the things you love. Safe, homeopathic formula penetrates straight to the pain point to quickly calm sore, tender muscles, joints and soft…


SideSleeper Pro Air™

…polyester/spandex blend pillow case with zipper closure; hand wash and air dry. 20-1/2" x 17-1/2" x 3-1/2". "This is the answer to eliminating pain in the neck and back while sleeping on your side. The 'ear pocket' makes it even more comfortable." -Customer in Nevada

Sale: $19.98

Side Sleeper Pillow

SIDE SLEEPER PILLOW supports neck and shoulder area so you’ll wake refreshed, without stiffness or pain. L-shaped design is as comfortable as a standard pillow, and won’t force your shoulder into an awkward position as you sleep on your side. Can also be used as a leg support pillow for…

$9.98 to $29.98

Diabetic-Friendly Insoles

DIABETIC-FRIENDLY INSOLES make you feel like you're walking on air! Don’t suffer with diabetic foot pain—these anti-pressure insoles are designed for all-day comfort while walking, working or standing. 100+ air pockets in each insole reduce pressure, while dozens of massaging nubs…


Relief Cream

Pain & Fatigue relief cream quickly eases tired, aching muscles and joints all over your body. Have widespread discomfort accompanied by fatigue or little or no energy? Simply apply and massage this safe, effective homeopathic formula onto any sore spot up to 4 times per day. It immediately goes…

Sale: $16.99

High-Back Pillow

…on the back of your chair to enjoy superior comfort, support and relax­ation. Ultra-plush sherpa fleece gently cradles your neck, shoulders and spine while generously-packed fiberfill in the built-in lumbar section helps relieve lower back and hip pain. Spot clean. 29" H x 22" W.

Sale: $17.49

Massager & Pad Set

…to any sore spot with included self-adhering pad (3" x 4") and turn it on. It immediately delivers safe, mild electric impulses to block pain signals, relax tight muscles and soothe tender tissue. Portable, wire-free and reusable. Device features 10 intensity levels and a 30-minute timer.…

$14.98 to $39.98

Bunion Corrector

Nighttime BUNION CORRECTOR eases pain as it gently repositions your big toe. Adjustable device helps bunion alignment by stretching tight tendons and toe muscles while you sleep. Just slip on the padded plastic brace, adjust the hook-and-loop fastener for comfort—and feel sweet relief! One…


Relaxing Leg Cream PM

RELAXING LEG CREAM PM helps relieve nighttime leg pain, discomfort and agitation. Are unpleasant tingles preventing you from catching your Z’s? Just apply this safe, therapeutic cream to legs and feet. Homeopathic formula is infused with essential oils, vitamins and minerals that promote…


Arnica Gel

ARNICA GEL works wonders on aching muscles, ligaments & joints! Simply rub onto affected areas for relief from back, neck and muscle pain, bursitis, arthritis discomfort, bruising and more. Homeopathic formula contains a blend of arnica, eucalyptus and emu oil plus other ingredients prized for…


Pelvic Belt

PELVIC BACK PAIN BELT is ideal for anyone suffering from lower back pain. Provides support and stability for the sacroiliac area where the spine joins the pelvis. Wraparound design has dual straps that adjust for custom fit and perfect pressure. Order by hip size: reg. fits hips 32"- 42";…

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