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Help ease snoring, sleep apnea, allergy & breathing problems! Comfortable silicone mouth­piece is worn while you sleep to help open up your nasal passages and airways for all-night relief. Material FDA-cleared, drug-free remedy works for as long as you wear it. Includes one reusable…


CPAP Chin Strap

CPAP Chin Strap helps CPAP machines work more effectively for a better night's sleep. Soft, stretchy chin strap gently holds jaw up and keeps mouth closed as you wear a CPAP mask. Enables better breathing, improved airflow and reduced sleep interruptions for sleep apnea patients and others with…

Sale: $6.49

Heartburn Reliever Spray

…OR SOUR STOMACH? Get symptomatic relief with this safe, gentle homeopathic spray. Just a few doses each day of this all-natural formula into your mouth can help ease stomach discomfort caused by acid reflux, indigestion, heartburn and more, in as little as a few moments to a few weeks. 2 oz. bottle…

Sale: $9.99

Leg Cramp Relief

…LEG CRAMPS & SPASMS? Get temporary relief with this safe, homeopathic spray. Just a few doses each day of this all-natural formula into your mouth can help ease involuntary twinges that occur at rest or at night, as well as more intense muscle cramps and spasms that occur during or after…

Sale: $11.99

Gout Formula

…painful symptoms in toes, feet and joints including swell­ing, cramping, redness and itching. Just spray this homeopathic formula into your mouth three times per day to help ease your symptoms. Made of safe, natural ingredients; contains no alcohol, dairy, gluten or sugar. Taste- and odor-free.…

Sale: $12.99

Room Humidifiers

…No electricity needed. Greatly improves indoor air quality, especially during long, dry winter months. Set of 2 includes one large (4-1/2" diam.) and one small (3-1/2" diam.)."This product really works. I don't wake up with dry mouth anymore." -Customer in North Carolina

Sale: $14.98

Copper Skillet Cooking

COPPER SKILLET COOKING is packed with tasty recipes you can prepare using your favorite copper cookware! You’ll quickly learn how versatile your skillet is with this wonderful cookbook that highlights a wide variety of meal and dessert preparations. Over 60 tempting recipes and 50…


Microwave Roaster

WHIP UP MOUTH-WATERING MICROWAVE MEALS IN MINUTES! Versatile roaster prepares foods like a conventional oven, in a fraction of the time. The secret: a patented design that allows super-hot steam to surround the food and cook it perfectly. Great for meats (including whole chickens), fish, mac and…


Fleece Hoods

WARD OFF THE WIND, SNOW, RAIN & SLEET WITH JUST ONE HOOD! Versatile, 6-in-1 fleece hood offers maximum protection whatever the weather. Wear it 5 different ways with just a few tucks: hood, nose/mouth muffler, neck scarf, beanie or ski-mask style. Even converts to a handy bag! Adjustable toggle…

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