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The Soldier Book

THE SOLDIER BOOK chronicles those who have heroically served in the armies of modern history. From infantrymen of the 1700’s to the high-tech warriors of today, this book takes you on a fascinating journey through 300 years of military service. Explore the soldier's life including…


Military Dot-to-Dot

Military Dot-to-Dot contains over 180 visual puzzles including ships, tanks, airplanes, guns, medals, artillery, uniforms and much more. From the infantry of WWI to modern drones, these fascinating puzzles will provide hours of entertainment. 192 pages.

Sale: $12.99

Batman/Superman Books

BATMAN/SUPERMAN: THE WAR YEARS trace the adventures of the world's greatest superheroes during WWII! These iconic comic book characters were both introduced just before America’s entry into the war, and their heroic exploits did much to lift the national spirit. Each collection features…


Harley & Indian Wars Book

…& INDIAN WARS chronicles the intense rivalry between the American motorcycle industry's two most legendary manufacturers! Fascinating book takes you on a colorful, intimate tour of the men and machines that dominated America's roads and raceways throughout the first half of the…

Sale: $14.98

WWII Mysteries

Unexplained Mysteries of WWII is filled with fascinating stories, life-saving twists of fate and other mysteries. The author, a military historian, explores intriguing wartime phenomena such as Roosevelt’s meeting with a Nazi agent in the Oval Office, and the turmoil caused by a missing page…

Sale: $9.98

Flying Legends

FLYING LEGENDS brings the classic aircraft of World War II to life! Stunning photography captures the combat aircraft that filled the skies over Europe and the Pacific—from open cockpit bi-planes to fighters and bombers. Read stories and recollections of over a dozen legendary Allied and Axis…


Top Secret Tales

TOP SECRET TALES OF WWII chronicles the excitement and intrigue of secret dealings and espionage never before reported! Filled with riveting stories of spies, saboteurs, the interceptions and deceptions of WWII, and how the war was finally won. Hours of revealing reading for all ages! Hardcover. 244…

Sale: $9.98

Personalized Leather Weighted Bookmarks

Personalized leather weighted bookmark holds book open on desk or tabletop without breaking its spine. Genuine leather with suede backing. 8-1/2" L.

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