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MATCH-IT® ABC’S & COLORS GAMES give kids a fun introduction to the alphabet and colors. Puzzle sets have self-correcting pieces—only those with the correct sequence will fit together! Each puzzle features a picture of a familiar object, its related letter or color, and name in…

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Match-It Spelling Game

MATCH-IT! SPELLING GAME provides kids with a fun introduction to words and spelling! Set includes 10 three-letter and 10 four-letter word puzzles. Each puzzle features a picture of a familiar object and its letters. Kids learn to spell by associating the object with the word and correctly assembling…


When I Grow Up Game

“When I grow up” game is a fun and educational way for kids to flex their mental muscles! Interactive memory matching game features 24 pairs of game pieces, each pair featuring a matching drawing of a grown-up job or profession. The object is to uncover each piece and find its identical…


Domino Holders

…small playing surface is available, as slots in each sturdy plastic rack hold up to 48 domino tiles at a time. Modern-day fans of this ancient matching game will wonder how they played without this helpful duo! 12" L x 5" W each."These are great for playing dominos. Lets you see all…


Match-It Numbers Game

MATCH-IT! NUMBERS GAME is the fun, interactive way for kids to develop basic math, counting and problem-solving skills. Each puzzle card has three pieces: the numeral, the same number of objects to count, and the number in written form. By matching the pieces together, children will learn to…


Puppy Up Game

…and math! Entertaining game features an adorable puppy-shaped, two-armed scale. Players draw a card, then try to balance the scale by placing a weighted number on one side and a matching number of miniature puppy pieces on the other. Includes 30 two-sided cards, 19 game pieces, 10 number pieces,…


Christmas Bingo

…spin on a classic game! Instead of numbers and letters, players must match five colorful holiday pictures in a row. Each picture is a beautifully detailed drawing of a Christmas scene or character with interesting holiday trivia printed on the back. Includes 6 different game boards, 42 picture…


Sound Puzzles

…audio effects that sound whenever the puzzle pieces are matched with the correct slots. Great for developing motor and listening skills, and learning colors and shapes. Each puzzle has eight full-color pieces and slots with matching sounds. Each is 11-3/4" x 8-3/4". Uses 2 AAA batteries…


Xmas Movie Trivia

Christmas movie trivia book puts your holiday entertainment knowledge to the ultimate test! Jam-packed with multiple-choice, matching and true-or-false questions about 19 all-time, best-loved seasonal movies, TV shows and specials—“It’s a Wonderful Life”, “White…

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