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Watermelon Knife

Watermelon knife makes quick and easy work of slicing thick rinds! Extra-long, serrated carbon-steel blade cleanly slices through fruit without leaving a pulpy mess. Contoured handle provides control while slicing straight, even cuts. Comes with a plastic blade cover for safe storage. 11-1/2" L…


Five-Piece Knife Set

Always have the right kitchen knife for the job! Cutlery set features five knives, each expertly sized and shaped for cutting specific foods. Each knife is made of high-quality stainless steel with thin blades for precise slicing. Lettered cut-outs in blades reduce weight and provide a smaller…


Utensil Tray

UTENSIL TRAY EXPANDS TO CUSTOM-FIT ANY DRAWER! Side panels expand from 11½" to 18.8" wide to create a perfect fit inside an existing drawer. Eight divided sections keep flatware, serving utensils and long tools neatly organized. Installs instantly without tools! BPA-free plastic…


Roast Slicing Tongs

ROAST SLICING TONGS CREATE PERFECTLY EVEN PORTIONS! Handy carving accessory keeps fingers safely away from sharp knives and keeps hands from having to touch the food. Just grip roast between the stainless steel prongs and slice . . . perfect portions every time! Also handy for slicing bread. Hand…


Veggie / Fruit Cutter

Cut fruit & veggies into equal-sized quarters in seconds! Just place any piece of produce into the cutter and slide the pusher through for perfect slices every time! V-shaped stainless steel blades are self-contained inside plastic cutting tube so there’s no risk of cut fingers! Great for…


Clever Cutter®

CLEVER CUTTER®—the 2-in-1 knife and cutting board that chops and slices your favorite foods in seconds! Scissors-like design features an ergo­nomic, power-grip handle and razor-sharp stainless steel blade that cuts through foods without mess or fuss. Prepare fruits, veggies, cheeses,…


Kids' Pancake Set

Kids’ Flip & Serve Pancake Set lets little ones pretend to cook! With this wooden play food set, a young chef can “make” pancakes with all the fixings: butter, blueberries and more. Interactive play promotes eye-hand coordination, motor skills, creativity and imagination. Set…

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