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Garden Sprayer

10-IN-1 SPRAYER tackles your outdoor watering tasks! Simply attach this multi-pattern nozzle to any standard garden hose. It features ten different spray settings and intensities: mist, triangle, jet, shower, fan, center, angle, cone, flat and flood. Includes an optional soap dispenser for mixing…


Top Brass™ II

…expanding/contracting hoses has greater strength and durability, thanks to new, improved connector protectors on both ends. This lightweight, easy-to-use, flexible hose has a heavy-duty, 3/4" diam. opening with rugged Dura-Rib™ inner tubing. Now includes bonus brass spray nozzle with 3…

$29.98 to $49.98

Pocket Hose Bullet™

…expanding/contracting hoses has greater strength and durability, thanks to its accordion design and exclusive Bullet Shell™ seamless outer casing that resists bursts and tears. Lightweight, easy-to-use hose is kink and tangle resistant. Includes bonus brass spray nozzle with 3 adjustable…

$29.98 to $49.98

Hydro Mousse System & Refill

…your garden hose to place seeds exactly where you want grass to grow. “Sticky” mousse formula adheres to ground, breaks down tough soil and keeps seeds in place as they sprout. Works in all climates; ideal for bare spots and pet urine damage. Covers up to 100 sq. feet. You get jug, spray

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