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Three-in-One Funnel

3-in-1 FUNNEL TACKLES ANY TASK! You’ll always have the right size funnel with this versatile set that includes small, medium and large capacity sizes. Small is ideal for filling narrow bottles and cruets, medium for filling salt and pepper mills, and large for home-canning projects or making…

Sale: $4.98

Portable Urinal

…LADIES’ ROOM IN SIGHT, OR CONDITIONS LESS THAN SANITARY? This handy travel urinal will come to your rescue! Flexible, medical grade silicone funnel enables women to “go” anywhere. Ideal for travel, camping, long car rides, “emergencies”. Compact, discreet, and easy to…


Cutting Boards

…and help prevent cross-contamination of bacteria among uncooked foods. Use a different color for prepping poultry, meat, fish, veggies; once chopping is done, use as a funnel to transfer foods to bowl or pot! Easy-clean, dishwasher safe poly with gripper backing. Set of 4; ea. 15" x 11".

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