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Frog Sensor

FROG WATER SENSOR alerts you when your plants need watering! Just stick this little croaker into your potted plants to take the guesswork out of when they need a drink. Built-in sensors detect when moisture level is low; Froggy lets you know with a friendly “ribbit” sound. Includes…


Frog Wind Spinner

FROG wind SPINNER races every time breezes blow! Whimsical cycling amphibian will add a lively sight to your yard or garden, while the continuous motion of the “wheels” helps to keep pesky critters away from your plants and flowers. Measures 18" x 18" atop a 22-1/2"…


Frog Stepping Stone

“Hop” on into your garden with a cheerful “Welcome to Our Pad” Stepping Stone. Place this decorative and colorful stone along a path or walkway for an added splash of color; and a warm greeting to family and guests. Can also be hung on a wall inside with the built-in keyhole…

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