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Vortex Electronic Insect Trap

…eliminates pesky bugs without harmful pesticides or chemicals. Triple action cage attracts flying pests with LED lights, lures them to a scented interior and traps them with a vacuum-action fan. Kills mosquitos, flies, moths, wasps. Fast, safe, effective unit covers up to a 1/2-acre area. Uses 4 AA…

$29.98 to $39.98

Fly Traps

Fly & wasp traps are an effective, chemical-free way to keep pesky insects from spoiling your outdoor fun. Fill any two-liter bottle with sugar water, screw on one of these tops and hang from the built-in hook. Traps lure annoying flies and wasps ... then capture them so they can’t come…


Flying Legends

FLYING LEGENDS brings the classic aircraft of World War II to life! Stunning photography captures the combat aircraft that filled the skies over Europe and the Pacific—from open cockpit bi-planes to fighters and bombers. Read stories and recollections of over a dozen legendary Allied and Axis…


Drone Camera

This quadcopter drone with camera shoots dazzling, high-quality aerial photos and video! The remote-control flying drone with camera comes ready to fly- no assembly needed. It can take up to 7500 photos or 75 minutes of video with sound! The Drone Camera has a range of up to 160 feet and comes with…

Sale: $59.99

Zapp Light™

ZAPP LIGHT™ spells “curtains” to disease-carrying mosquitoes and other flying pests! Mercury-free indoor/outdoor LED light bulb first lures and then zaps unwanted, potentially harmful insects. The blue UV light is irresistible to bugs and delivers maximum attraction, using only 9W…


Bug Zapper

SAY GOODBYE TO GNATS, MOSQUITOES & OTHER FLYING INSECTS! Racket-shaped, electronic bug zapper offers fast, effective pest control instantly. Just swing, hold down button and—ZAP!—annoying bugs are gone. A small visible flash indicates when contact has been made. Perfect while…


Garage Door Screen

Garage Door Screen lets in the breeze—keeps out the bugs! Now you can complete woodworking projects, planting preparations and car repairs without pesky insects—thanks to this mesh garage screen door! Can also turn garage space into extra living space. Screen has grommets on top for easy…

$14.98 to $29.98
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