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…Weather-resistant poly; fits 2" x 3" or 3" x 4" downspouts"Product installed easy,looks fine. Makes it possible to direct downspout water,can be extended to direct water and folds up small to aid in mowing around it,giving this a thumbs up 5***** rating" -Customer in…


Gutter Cleaning Set

…AND SIDING WITHOUT CLIMBING UP LADDERS! Set features a telescoping extension pole that extends to 6 ft. long so you can easily reach gutters, downspouts and siding while safely on the ground. Floating head makes it a snap to reach every angle, nook and cranny. Includes a contoured foam pad to gently…

$7.98 to $21.98

Gutter Wedges

Gutter Wedges keep downspouts free and clear of leaves and debris! Sturdy, weather-resistant screens snap into shape and install easily over your downspout opening. Catches debris; allows rainwater to flow easily to downspout. Prevents gutter overflow, blockages and flooding. Fits all standard…

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