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Diabetic Socks

DIABETIC SOCKS comfortably cushion feet without binding or constricting. Cotton/nylon/spandex blend socks have extra-stretch tops, full terry loop interiors that wick away moisture, plus smooth toe seams that prevent irritation. Anti-microbial feature helps reduce odor and bacteria. Two-pair set:…


CPAP Chin Strap

CPAP Chin Strap helps CPAP machines work more effectively for a better night's sleep. Soft, stretchy chin strap gently holds jaw up and keeps mouth closed as you wear a CPAP mask. Enables better breathing, improved airflow and reduced sleep interruptions for sleep apnea patients and others with…

Sale: $6.49

Medical ID Bracelets

…needed most. Top panel carries a medical alert symbol and opens to reveal special instructions inside. Comes with preprinted alert stickers for allergies, diabetes, cardiac conditions or a general medical condition, and refers to the included wallet card on which you list your personal information.


Emergency Recorder

…need help, just press the button—device flashes, emits a loud 70-decibel alarm and plays back your recorded message. Enables EMT’s or others to quickly respond to cases of diabetes, allergies, heart conditions and more. Adjustable wrist band. Includes battery, USB cable and instructions.


Gel Toe Cap

Gel Toe Cap cushions and protects painful toes! Made of medical-grade, vitamin-enriched mineral oil gel, these diabetic-friendly caps slip easily over entire toe to ease pressure and friction from ingrown nails, corns, hammer toes, calluses and blisters. Softens and moisturizes the entire toe area,…


Dump for Diabetics

DUMP FOR DIABETICS COOKBOOK takes all the stress out of preparing diabetes-friendly foods! Informative cookbook shows you how to whip up tasty, healthy, low-carb meals in no time at all. Just empty a few key ingredients into a slow cooker, pan or skillet, and in minutes you'll be savoring a…


Diabetic-Friendly Insoles

DIABETIC-FRIENDLY INSOLES make you feel like you're walking on air! Don’t suffer with diabetic foot pain—these anti-pressure insoles are designed for all-day comfort while walking, working or standing. 100+ air pockets in each insole reduce pressure, while dozens of massaging nubs…


Diabetic Cooking

DELICIOUS DIABETES COOKING FOR 1 OR 2 PEOPLE is packedwith delectable, diabetes-friendly recipes—including desserts!—and is designed for smaller households. Easy recipes teach anyone, diabetic or not, that preparing healthy dishes using readily available ingredients can be an exciting…


Stop Smoking System

QUIT SMOKING THE ALL-NATURAL WAY! Forget gum, patches, pills or going “cold turkey”—Zero­Med™ uses the power of Auricular Therapy and acupressure to help you kick the smoking habit in as little as 30 days. Hinged ear clip with two embedded magnets applies targeted, yet…


Heel Cream

DRY, CRACKED HEELS DISAPPEAR LIKE MAGIC! Intensive heel therapy comes in an easy-to-apply cream that is absorbed deep below the skin’s surface to heal, soothe and soften rough, thickened or cracked heels and callused areas. Ingredients include aloe, shea butter, avocado oil, and lactic acid,…

Sale: $10.99

Adjustable Memory Foam Slippers

…binding or constricting. Bring welcome comfort to those who suffer with swollen feet or ankles, poor circulation or foot problems caused by diabetes or arthritis. Slippers have non-skid soles and adjustable flap closure. Wear indoors or outside. Ladies sizes 5 - 10-1/2; men’s sizes 6-12.…


Pill Pro™

DID I TAKE MY PILLS TODAY? PILL PRO™ KEEPS TRACK! Freestanding holder contains 7 stacking clear plastic cases for each day’s pills and vitamins. Each daily case has 4 divided inner chambers for multiple dosages to be taken morning, afternoon, evening and at bedtime. Pre-fill each…

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