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Total Body Exerciser

Total body exerciser lets you enjoy all the benefits of cycling without stressing your joints! Can't get to the gym? Don't have a bike? All you need is a chair and this handy, lightweight exerciser. Put your feet in the pedals and crank the handles for a great cardio, upper and lower body…


Air Compressor

…and inflates any tire up to 250 psi. Keep it in your trunk or camper and be prepared for any roadside emergency! Fits all standard tire valves and bike tires, too. Includes 12 ft. L cord, dial gauge, plus 2 nozzle adapters and 1 sports needle for inflating balls. Has on/off switch. 5-1/4" x…


Air Hawk™ Pro

…FILL YOUR TIRES! Never worry again about low tire pressure with this powerful, easy-to-use air compressor. Great for vehicles, sports equipment, bike and motorcycle tires, inflatable toys and more. Digital pressure gauge automatically shuts off once desired pressure is reached. Includes a built-in,…


Harley-Davidson Guide

…about the world’s most popular motorcycle. Mag­nificent pictorial traces the history, development and production of these extraordinary bikes, begin­ning with the company’s founding in 1903 and continuing to the present. Stunning color photos of Harleys throughout this 441-page…

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