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Wonder Arms™

WONDER ARMS™ gives you firm, toned arms in just minutes a day! Total arm workout system uses dynamic resistance to effectively target and work triceps, biceps, shoulders, chest and back. Great for all fitness levels! Includes 3 interchangeable resistance bands, padded arm rests, ergonomic hand…


Chrome Pedal Exerciser

Pedal Exerciser. Pedal away flabbiness and inches while seated in your favorite easy chair. Improve circulation, firm legs, hips and abdomen in just minutes a day, even while watching TV or reading. Can also be used on table to exercise arms. Adjustable tension. Chrome-plated steel with…


Exercise Band Set

EXERCISE BAND SET provides a total body workout! You don't need a rack of barbells or expensive exercise equipment to get and stay in shape. Set of 3 lightweight elastic bands let you easily perform a wide variety of resistance, stretching and lifting exercises to help strengthen and tone arms,


Puppy Up Game

Puppy Up™ is the fun way to introduce kids to numbers, counting and math! Entertaining game features an adorable puppy-shaped, two-armed scale. Players draw a card, then try to balance the scale by placing a weighted number on one side and a matching number of miniature puppy pieces on the…

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