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Product: 8442 Clear TV Antenna

Clear TV Antenna

CUT THE CORD! CLEAR TV™ INDOOR ANTENNA makes it easy to bypass expensive cable and satellite TV! View dozens of digital, high-definition TV channels free and over the air with this HDTV antenna. Just plug in to the back of your digital TV and you're ready to watch ... and save big bucks…

Product: 6302 Tornado Can Opener

Tornado Can Opener

TORNADO CAN OPENER NEEDS NO HANDS! Just place it on any small or large size can, press the button, and the opener will “travel” around the lid all by itself, cutting neatly and smoothly as it goes. No sharp or jagged edges remain, as the precision opener cuts under the rim of the lid,…

Product: 5337 Swiveling TV Stand

Swiveling TV Stand

Swiveling TV stand lets you view your flat-screen TV from any angle! Sturdy yet lightweight unit is designed specifically to support today's big flat-screen and high-definition televisions. Lazy Susan base allows for smooth, easy rotation while the bottom tier has plenty of room for a VCR or DVD…

Sale: $29.98
Product: 2313 Gopher


Extends your reach by nearly three feet and helps put an end to bending, climbing and straining. Suction cup tips are precise enough to pick up a paper clip, yet strong enough to lift a 5 lb. bag of sugar! Use it to reach under furniture, to change a bulb, to pick up messy garbage and more. Folds…

Product: 8267 Clever Grip Max

Clever Grip Max

KEEP YOUR SMARTPHONE OR GPS WITHIN EASY REACH AND SIGHT while driving! Portable phone holder/mount clips to any vehicle’s air vent; 360-degree swivel action positions your GPS or other device at the perfect angle. Side arm adjusts to fit and securely hold iPhone® (including iPhone 6 &…

Sale: $14.98
Product: 5971 Tag Away

Tag Away

TAG AWAY™ REMOVES UNSIGHTLY SKIN TAGS WITHOUT PAIN OR SCARRING. All-natural topical formula is made of pure essential oils that safely treat these harmless skin overgrowths. In as little as 3 to 8 weeks, skin tags simply flake and fall away. Homeopathic solution works on all skin types. 15 ml.…

Product: 8440-1 Car Cane

Car Cane

The car cane makes it easy and safe to get in and out of your car. The portable door cane gives you the leverage you need to lift or lower yourself in and out of the car. Unlike other canes, the auto cane is small and portable. The car cane can hold up to 350 lbs. and has a built in flashlight. Fits…

$19.98 to $29.98
Product: 7181 Home Theater Table

Home Theater Table

…cup holders for beverage glasses, cans or bottles, plenty of room for snack bowls and plates plus a spacious drawer to hold your remote controls, TV schedule and other viewing accessories. Sleek, space-saving design fits perfectly between two chairs or alongside a sofa. Walnut-tone finish. 21"…

Product: 8477-1 HD Vision & NightVision

HD Vision & NightVision

HD Vision™ Sunglasses block glare and harmful UV rays as they make everything around you look sharper and brighter! Custom-look shades with high-definition lens technology dramatically reduces sun glare and provides crystal clear clarity and definition like you’ve never experienced…

Product: 6157 MSA 30X Set

MSA 30X Set

HEAR WHAT YOU’VE BEEN MISSING! MSA 30X™ HELPS BOOST SOUND UP TO 30 TIMES! FDA-listed, safe and comfortable sound amplifier fits discreetly in either ear; it’s almost invisible. You’ll enjoy clear sound reception with minimal background noise—a real plus in crowded…

Sale: $19.98
Product: 7137-1 Lanterns


Super torch lantern gives you 3 powerful lighting options! 4-panel indoor/outdoor lamp features 70 super-bright LED bulbs that deliver 46 lumens of lighting with two brightness modes. You also get 2 removable flashlights with 2 beam modes (torch or area light) for on-the-go illumination. Has…

Product: 8102 My Cleaning Secret

My Cleaning Secret

REMOVE RUST, STAINS, TARNISH, YOU NAME IT, WITH MY CLEANING SECRET™! This versatile and fast-acting household cleaner works on stainless steel, porcelain, brass, copper, tile, cookware and more. Bleach-free, fume-free formula zips through grime and dissolves stains, leaving everything…

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