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Internet TV/Radio USB Stick

Instant Internet tv/radio USB stick lets you enjoy over 2,000 internet TV channels, 9,000 radio stations and 1,300 games on your computer ... with no monthly fees! All you need is a PC or laptop with a USB port and Internet connection. Plug in this handy, pocket-size device, and you're ready to go with…

Sale: $12.98

Mr. Lid Set

MR. LID STORAGE SET WITH ATTACHED LIDS means you’ll never have to dig through drawers for another lid! 10-piece system includes two 32 oz. containers, two 16 oz. containers, two 8 oz. containers and four 4 oz. containers. All have the patented attached lid and are freezer, microwave and…


Who Knew? Book

WHO KNEW? BOOK is jam-packed with thousands of tips and secrets for saving money, time and energy. You’ll discover amazing things you can do with common household items, great ideas for cleaning and organizing, plus hundreds of remedies, repairs and recipes to make your life and home happier,…


Swiveling TV Stand

Swiveling TV stand lets you view your flat-screen TV from any angle! Sturdy yet lightweight unit is designed specifically to support today's big flat-screen and high-definition televisions. Lazy Susan base allows for smooth, easy rotation while the bottom tier has plenty of room for a VCR or DVD player…

Sale: $34.50

Jupiter Jack

The As Seen on TV Jupiter Jack™ turns any car radio into a hands-free cell phone! Revolutionary hands free cell phone accessory uses your car's FM radio to transmit sound through your car radio speakers so you can talk and drive at the same time - safely and legally. No need for costly ear pieces…

Sale: $4.99


The safe way to clean your ears! WAXVAC™ draws moisture and debris from ears using gentle suction to effectively remove build-up. Unlike ordinary cotton swabs, the built-in safety guard prevents entering too far into the ear canal. Easy-to-use device has a handy examining light, too! Comes with 8…


Hair Plus

Get longer, thicker, bouncier hair with hair plus! Clinically proven to increase hair growth up to 123% in just 28 days! European-made, specially formulated shampoo and conditioner stimulate growth while giving hair a healthier, more lustrous look. Rich in Keratin, soy proteins, Vitamin B6 and…

$19.98 to $38.50

Mattress Wedge

Mattress Wedge™ fills in that annoying open space between your mattress and headboard or wall! Stop pillows, phones, books, toys and other items from sliding and disappearing into the gap with this high-density foam wedge. Sturdy, lightweight design keeps your pillow comfortably under your head…

$19.98 to $39.98

MSA 30X Set

HEAR WHAT YOU’VE BEEN MISSING! MSA 30X™ HELPS BOOST SOUND UP TO 30 TIMES! FDA-listed, safe and comfortable sound amplifier fits discreetly in either ear; it’s almost invisible. You’ll enjoy clear sound reception with minimal background noise—a real plus in crowded restaurants, church…


TV / VCR Swivel Stand

Oldie but Goodie! Space-saving swivel stand holds your TV on top and stores your VCR or DVD player underneath. Turntable swivels 360 degrees so you can watch TV from any angle. Sturdy construction has tubular steel legs, 12" x 19" turntable and smooth ball-bearing action.Holds TVs up to 25".

Sale: $19.98

Potato Express

POTATO EXPRESS™ DELIVERS PERFECT POTATOES IN JUST 4 MINUTES! Amazing, reusable cloth bag cooks any type of spud—red, yellow, sweet or yam—in your microwave. No more heating up your regular oven to bake a potato—just place up to 4 potatoes inside the bag and pop into your microwave. It…


Topsy Turvy Planters

TOPSY TURVY™ IS THE WORLD’S EASIEST WAY TO GROW TOMATOES! You don’t need a garden or a green thumb to enjoy vine-ripened tomatoes. Just place your tomato plant in this special “upside-down” planter, add your favorite potting soil, hang unit up and water—it’s that easy. No backbreaking…

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