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Therapeutic Gel Toes

Gel Bunion Toe Spreader

Gel bunion toe spreader eases pain and helps realign toes. Cushy, all-gel material enriched with medical grade mineral oil and aloe vera provides immediate relief from friction and pressure between the bunion joint and shoe. Slips over right or left big toe; separator cushion fits comfortably and…

$5.98 to $6.98

Gel Toe Crests

GEL TOE CRESTS EASE THE PAIN OF “HAMMER” OR BENT TOES. Pressure and friction are relieved on even the most sensitive feet. Odorless, washable and reusable, resilient soft-gel cushions won’t flatten out with use, and you’ll be able to walk in comfort once again! Wear with any…


Gel Toe Separators

Gel toe separators help reduce friction and irritation between toes. Slip these diabetic-friendly, cushioning loops over sore toes to add space and prevent rubbing. Help align toes so they don’t overlap. Cushion corns and relieve pressure on the bunion joint, too. Flexible gel conforms to toes

$6.98 to $8.98

Gel Toe Cap

Gel Toe Cap cushions and protects painful toes! Made of medical-grade, vitamin-enriched mineral oil gel, these diabetic-friendly caps slip easily over entire toe to ease pressure and friction from ingrown nails, corns, hammer toes, calluses and blisters. Softens and moisturizes the entire toe area,…


Gel Bunion Toe Sock

GEL BUNION TOE SOCK relieves bunion pressure and pain. Just slip this stretchy sock over your big and little toes to enjoy cushioned comfort. It has 3 built-in gel-filled, shock-absorbing pads: the large pad soothes and protects the bunion itself while the toe pads gently align and cushion the outer…


Gel Toe Straighteners

GEL TOE STRAIGHTENERS help str-e-e-e-etch away foot and toe pain! Crooked, overlapping, or rubbing toes can hurt like mad. Slip on these gel-filled separators to stretch toes and help promote proper alignment. They help strengthen and correct misaligned bone, tissue and cartilage and improve…


Toe Separators

TOE SEPARATORS help relieve toe and foot pain and reduce discomfort due to wearing high heels or tight shoes, excessive standing, injury and foot conditions such as hammertoes, bunions and overlapping toes. These soft, gel-filled separators gently spread the toes to provide fast relief while…


Toe Crest Cushions

Diabetic-friendly TOE CREST CUSHIONS support bent or hammer toes to make walking easier and more comfortable. Transparent, all-gel cushions relieve stress on the metatarsal area of the foot and ease pressure on toe tips; absorb shock and redistribute pressure. Enriched with medical grade mineral oil…


Bunion/Metatarsal Cushion

…foot pain. The metatarsal cushion reduces pain in sensitive bones underneath the forefoot and the bunion gel cushion features one shock absorbing silicone gel pad along the base of the big toe to alleviate bunion pain. The bunion/metatarsal cushion evenly redistributes weight and reduces pressure…

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