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Product: 2594-1 Oven Spill Guard

Oven Spill Guard

Slips in space between counter top and stove to prevent kitchen crumbs, grease and mess from falling through and accumulating. No longer will you have to clean this hard to reach space. Made of aluminum with a hidden magnetized strip that holds it securely in place. 1-1/2" wide x 20" long.

Product: 6619-1 Kitchen Strips

Kitchen Strips

NO MORE CRUMBS OR SPILLS BETWEEN STOVE & COUNTERTOP! Flexible silicone strip fills the gap and prevents food, grease or dirt from falling through. Spill guard features a T-shaped design that fits snugly in place, yet removes easily when desired. Won’t mar surfaces. Dishwasher-safe and…

Product: 2687-1 Range Protectors

Range Protectors

Non-stick liners keep stove spotless! Set of 4 reusable gas stovetop protectors slip right over gas burner areas so surfaces stay clean and protected. Gone are all the splattered, caked-on, boiled-over messes. Simply cut to fit; to clean, just drop these woven fiberglass liners into your dishwasher!…

Product: 3517-1 Heat Plates

Heat Plates

Unlike regular coils, stovetop burner covers provide constant, even heat on a solid, easy to clean surface. Burner plates reduce boil overs and scorching. These heat plates retain heat longer so you can cook at lower temperatures while giving your stove a sleek, fresh look.

$9.98 to $12.98
Product: 4554-1 Insulated Counter Mat

Insulated Counter Mat

…wondering where to set it down, you'll appreciate having the problem solved. Steaming bowls, hot, heavy roasting pans, cakes and pies just out of the oven, all find a resting place on this handy stove and counter mat. Wipe-clean metal surface with insulated backing. 20" L x 8-1/2" W.

Product: 8467 Rapid Ramen Cooker

Rapid Ramen Cooker

…is the fast, easy way to cook perfect Asian-style noodles! Now you can prepare delicious ramen meals in half the time … without using the stove or pots. Just place noodles, water and ingredients in one of these specially-designed bowls and put in the microwave. It's ready in minutes; just…

Product: 6426-1 Pineapple Mats

Pineapple Mats

Pineapple mat adds a welcoming accent to your kitchen! Place this durable rug in front of sink or stove to protect floors from spills and help prevent slips, falls and tracking dirt throughout your home. Made of soft, 100% nylon pile with a slip-resistant backing, it resists stains, water, mildew…

Product: 4791-1 Orgreenic Pans

Orgreenic Pans

…oven. Ergonomic handle stays cool to the touch. Sauté pan has a stainless steel helping handle. Alumi­num alloy core."This is the greatest fry pan you will ever purchase. Goes from stove top to oven, and nothing sticks to this pan. Easy clean up." -Customer in Salt Lake City, UT

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