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Reach Extender


EXTEND YOUR REACH, AND PUT AN END TO DANGEROUS BALANCING ACTS! Ergo­nomic gripper set easily grabs objects without your having to bend, climb or strain. Just squeeze the trigger handles and the swiveling claws do the rest! Non-slip claws open to 3-1/2"; support 5 lbs. maximum. Set of 2…



Extends your reach by nearly three feet and helps put an end to bending, climbing and straining. Suction cup tips are precise enough to pick up a paper clip, yet strong enough to lift a 5 lb. bag of sugar! Use it to reach under furniture, to change a bulb, to pick up messy garbage and more. Folds…


Toilet Tissue Aid

Easy-to-use bathroom aid extends your reach. Ergonomically-designed bathroom aid features a soft, flexible head that grips bath tissue or pre-moistened wipes securely and easily. Provides a sense of personal independence and assures discretion. Ideal for arthritis sufferers and others with limited…

Sale: $9.98

Lever Extender

Adjust any reclining chair with ease! Extender handle attaches to the existing lever on your chair in seconds so you can reach it without effort or strain. A godsend for anyone with reduced strength or mobility! Oversized handle is easy to grasp and operate. Includes hardware for quick installation…


Long-Handled Brush

…scrub brush lets you clean tubs, tile and floors without bending or squatting! Heavy-duty telescopic scrubber extends from 29" to over 4-1/2 feet long so you can reach low, high and hard-to-reach areas. Swiveling scrub head even detaches so you can get into tight spots around sinks,…


Extendable Visor

Extendable visor goes where your car visor doesn’t to block blinding sun! Sliding attachment extends left or right a full 9 inches to block sun’s rays beyond car visor’s reach. Also has a tinted, UV-blocking screen that pulls down to reduce glare that makes driving hazardous.…


Bear Claw Scratcher

The solution to the hard-to-reach itch is the Bear Claw Scratcher. It extends a full 22” so you can access the far corners of your back with ease. The metal claw provides the right pressure for instant relief, and the cushioned easy-grip handle comes in assorted colors.


Gutter Brush

…rain gutters from ground level. Don't risk your neck climbing up a ladder or out onto your roof; sturdy aluminum pole extends from 46" L to 66" L to easily reach clogged gutters with both feet safely on the ground. Features a heavy-duty brush with durable bristles and a unique hook…


Microfiber Squeegee

…& SKYLIGHTS! Take on tough window cleaning jobs with this double-sided, telescoping window scrubber. Pole extends from 32" to 47" L—almost 4 feet of extra reach! The 10-1/2" W cleaning head features a soft, absorbent microfiber scrubber on one side, plus a rubber squeegee…

Sale: $9.98

Windshield Cleaner Set

Clean car window interiors without straining! 16" long handle easily extends to hard-to-reach window bases, nooks and crannies, while the pivoting head follows curved windshield surfaces for even cleaning. Washable microfiber pad (two included) removes more dirt and dust; cleans using plain tap…


Faucet Extender

Hose stand with spigot puts outdoor faucet in easy reach. Stop climbing over shrubs or stepping on plants to get to your nearest outdoor faucet! Simply stake stand in ground in your chosen spot, attach it to your present faucet and then connect your hose. Includes universal connector adapter to fit…


Dryer Vent Vac Attachment

…cleaner hose and slide into lint screen vent to suction out years of lint buildup. Thin, flexible plastic tube reaches and cleans deep into lint trap. Keeps dryer free of obstructions, reduces fire risk and extends dryer life. Improves dryer efficiency and lowers energy costs, too. 40" L.

Sale: $7.85
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