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Garage Door Decor Magnets

Product: 6898-1 Garage Door Screen

Garage Door Screen

Garage Door Screen lets in the breeze—keeps out the bugs! Now you can complete woodworking projects, planting preparations and car repairs without pesky insects. Can also turn garage space into extra living space. Screen has grommets on top for easy hanging, hook ‘n loop strips and…

$14.98 to $29.98
Product: 6515 Dachshund Door Draft Stopper

Dachshund Door Draft Stopper

Dachshund Door Draft Stopper keeps out the cold air! Plush pup's 31" long body will guard that drafty door or window and keep those winter winds at bay. A great way to keep your home comfortable, and your heating bills affordable.

Product: 6026-1 Sliding Door Screen

Sliding Door Screen

Instant Sliding Door Screen keeps out bugs, lets fresh air in. Easy to use - just part the screen panels and walk through. Weighted bottom and built-in magnet keep the overlapping sections closed when not in use. No expensive custom installation is needed. Screen attaches with included hook ?n loop…

$12.85 to $14.98
Product: 9579 Deluxe Door Guard

Deluxe Door Guard

…secure any door. Has rugged yoke that fits under door knob and sturdy gripper base that anchors unit against floor. Great for apartment, house, motel room (it collapses to 26", small enough to fit in a suitcase!). Use on any door: front, back, cellar or inner door leading to garage. 41"…

Product: 4626 Magic Mesh Screen Door

Magic Mesh Screen Door

…screen door lets fresh air in; keeps bugs out! Attaches to any entranceway in seconds without tools to provide an ultra-convenient, hands-free screen door. It opens easily when you walk through; closes automatically thanks to 18 powerful built-in magnets. Ideal for single doors, sliding doors,

Product: 4938-1 Magnetic Blinds

Magnetic Blinds

MAGNETIC BLIND SNAPS ON & OFF IN SECONDS, with no tools, drilling or brackets needed! Two super-strong magnetic disks are the secret to this versatile blind that attaches securely to any standard steel door. PVC blind with 1" slats opens to let in sun and light, closes for…

$29.98 to $39.98
Product: 6205 Magnetic Curtain Rod

Magnetic Curtain Rod

MAGNETIC CURTAIN ROD ATTACHES TO STEEL DOORS OR WINDOWS IN SECONDS! Just slip rod through curtain, then insert into included magnetic brackets and—voilà—an instant window treatment to liven up a bare steel door or window. Installs in a snap; no drilling, screws or tools. Comes…

Product: 7967 Door Organizer

Door Organizer

CABINET DOOR ORGANIZER stores and keeps your household essentials within easy reach yet out of view. Features a roomy top shelf for sponges, soap, cleansers or other items, plus a paper towel roll holder below. No tools are needed to install this handy caddy—it hangs over the inside of any…

Product: 7535 Indoorsman Magnet

Indoorsman Magnet

Indoorsman Magnet will make any sports-loving, couch potato smile. Why should he be outdoors when he can be indoors exercising his right to change the channel! It’s a great gag gift for the guy whose favorite sport is played in front of the TV. Fun magnet is 3 ½” x 2…

Product: 7258-1 Door Storage Rack

Door Storage Rack

Have a door? Turn it into extra storage space with this versatile rack that adjusts to suit your needs. Holds everything from canned goods to tall bottles to toiletries, even videos! Eight sturdy shelves can be positioned to different heights to create the customized organization you want.…

$24.98 to $29.98
Product: 7462 Door Weather Strip

Door Weather Strip

WEATHER GUARD STRIP STOPS DRAFTS HEAD-ON! Flexible foam door sweep seals out drafts and prevents costly heating (or air conditioning) loss. Instantly installs on any wood or aluminum door—simply remove backing and press in place! Trim with scissors for a perfect fit. You get 2 rolls; ea. is…

Product: 3070 Door Knob Grips

Door Knob Grips

Doorknob Grips let you open a door with the touch of a finger! Ideal for those suffering from arthritis or limited hand mobility. Great for small children too. The set of 2 grips comes with removable glow-in-the-dark inserts.• Quick & simple installation, no tools needed• Stretches to…

There were no documents that contained all of the words in your query. These results contain some of the words.
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