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Cover-Up Buttons

Cover-up buttons prevent wardrobe malfunctions! Just affix one of these attractive “jeweled” buttons and put an end to gaping blouses and overly revealing tops. There’s no need for ugly safety pins or sticky tape to keep your clothing perfectly positioned. Set of 3 in?cludes one each of faux pearl…

Sale: $7.85

Animal Modesty Panels

ANIMAL PRINT MODESTY PANELS make your favorite low-cut blouses and shirts less revealing, more appropriate for the workplace! Get the layered look of a camisole without the bulk of a separate garment. Lightweight, comfy cotton/poly blend fabric panels clip onto your bra straps; attach and remove instantly…


No-Sew Buttons

No-sew Replacement Buttons come to your rescue any time you lose a button! Missing a button on your shirt, sleeve or blouse? Don't panic—just insert one of these easy-to-attach replacements. Each white plastic button features a tie-tack style mounting back that securely holds the button in place.…

Sale: $3.99

Fashion Tape

FASHION TAPE prevents almost any wardrobe malfunction! Double-stick designer tape lets you in?stantly fix a revealing dress, close a blouse gap, conceal bra straps, create a perfect hem, and more. Works on durable and delicate fabrics; holds securely and leaves no harmful residue. You get 24 custom?izable…


Rolling Pants Trolley

…apartment closet. Thanks to this product, I don't have to stuff my slacks into a small closet using clumpy pant hangers. It leaves more room for blouses and shirts to hang wrinkle free (not smooshed). Now all my slacks are together and I roll the trolly out of the closet and quickly choose a pair. Love…

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Sale: $4.98 to $19.98
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